More construction around the Valley means more jobs

FRESNO, Calif. -- The steel structures are quickly taking shape. Next year Tilley Elementary in Central Unified will unveil brand new buildings on campus.

Right now construction crews are busy at work on the project that's scheduled to be done in February.

Catherine Monteverde, Human Resources Director of Harris Construction says the industry has seen a surge of activity.

"The construction industry is booming right now. It's an exciting time. We're seeing opportunities we haven't seen in decades."

Harris Construction has a dozen active work sites right now and is looking to fill some positions.

"Currently we're looking for the project management side which would include project managers, project engineers, project clerks."

Welders face a bright outlook as well.

The number of apprentices learning to weld or work as a plumber or pipe fitter has spiked in the past year.

"We went from about 60 apprentices to almost a hundred," says UA Local 246 Business Manager Danny Wright.

The construction trend has been encouraging for everyone from pipe fitters and plumbers to HVAC technicians, according to Wright.

"The market has increased substantially. There's more work out there now. More jobs being bid than we've seen in the past."

Workers here serve a 5-year apprenticeship, but they can earn while they learn.

Wright says thanks to an improved economy, apprentices can be found on work sites all over the valley.

"This year there's so much work being bid out there right now."