Thieves snatch items worth thousands of dollars from Clovis home as it's fumigated

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It took thieves just minutes to get away with thousands of dollars worth of property from a Clovis family.

The two men broke into their home as it was being fumigated.

Later, a Ring doorbell camera caught them cutting a hole in the tent to escape.

"I have cameras, but I didn't have in my house. I just set those up just as a precaution," said homeowner Greg Conner. "Sure enough, that's how we knew they were in the house."

Greg Connor says after placing some extra cameras around the house, he and his wife packed their valuables, and went out of town while the fumigation company worked on their home.

On Sunday morning, Connor got the notification from his doorbell and looked at his cameras.

He says the burglars broke his pool fence to pry open the sliding glass doors, then headed straight to the bedroom.

In the video, the crooks are seen looking through the room, until one notices the camera and pushes it down.

"We were at the cabin and felt violated. They went straight for the jewelry, and kinda smaller things they could carry," Connor said. "They just walked in here. My neighbor has a camera, and it picks up cars, but difficult picking up people."

Clovis police investigators say they're working on good leads to identify the burglars, adding that going into one of the chemical filled homes can be deadly.

"They're taking their chances knowing there's no one inside," said Sgt. Jim Munro. "What they're not thinking of is the health consequences, like dying, so that's of concern to us."

Police say this happens from time to time.

The fumigation company, however, says they have about 25 break-ins a year within the five Valley counties they serve.

"When somebody sees a tent, they know nobody is there," said Reyes Castrellon with GFX. "It does happen you know. We've had the tents ripped, and tagged."

Homeowners are now required to sign waivers like this, alerting them to the risk of a break in.

"One of the forms we give now since they've had more break-ins on fumigation is the security. Give them tips. Call the police and talk to neighbors," said Terri Bachetti with GFX.

Connor says they did everything they could, and still fell victim to the crime, but luckily, everything that was stolen is replaceable.

Pest companies say they often call the police to let them know of the homes they'll be fumigating so officers can patrol the area.

Anybody with any information on the burglary suspects is asked to call the Clovis Police Department.
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