Central Fresno gas station likely loses thousands of dollars after vandalism

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A central Fresno gas station likely lost thousands of dollars in business Monday thanks to two thieves that vandalized their property.

The suspects were caught on the station's surveillance cameras last night at the business on H and Palm.

The store's co-owner tells Action News the vandals tried to break into the air compressor for coins and then climbed on the roof, damaging their Chevron satellite and stealing their surveillance cameras.

It took the entire day to get the connection up and running again, and likely caused the station $10,000 in business because customers couldn't use their credit card machines.

After reviewing the video, the gas station clerk says it appears the thieves came prepared.

"They had a whole kind of kit with them and they came on a bike," says Nick Aujila. "They had a drill, wrench, cutter and everything. They were professional."

The co-owner believes the same thieves are behind a theft that happened at his business a few days ago.

He is still working on getting in contact with the Fresno Police Department about the break-in. He says the damage they caused was still not as bad as the amount of business they lost Monday.
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