Central Unified installs new wireless access points for students across district

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Central Unified School District is boosting students' access to technology.

The district installed over 900 new wireless access points. The goal is to increase students and teachers access to technology in the classroom.

The small white tech tool, sitting above the classroom at Roosevelt Elementary and other Central Unified campuses is giving teachers a whole new outlook.

"Our teachers can roam around the classroom and talk to each student individually without losing connection to internet resources," said CUSD Director of Technology Services Chris Martinez.

In a world where every student is equipped with technology, Central Unified leaders realized they needed to make a change.

"The classroom is going to have more tech devices in it, the teachers have more devices to use and the students will have more devices in their hands," added Martinez.

"We knew going to this Covid era that we were going to update our infrastructure," said CUSD Superintendent Andrew Alvarado. "Just to make sure that our teachers are able to access remotely to our students without interference was a huge priority."

Over spring break, the district installed hundreds of wireless access points in elementary and secondary classrooms.

"Students and teachers are requiring instant access to online resources," said Martinez. "Now students can access those resources anywhere on campus. That gives students and teachers access to online resources anywhere at anytime during the day."

Thanks to federal funding the $1 million project only cost the district roughly $230,000.

The district hopes to expand the program, giving students this kind of access to their education off campus as well.
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