Special education students learn valuable life skills thanks to class coffee cart

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A group of Central Unified elementary school students is brewing up success, thanks to a class coffee cart.

For Mrs. Adams's special education class, Friday mornings are filled to the brim. The Harvest Elementary students started their own community coffee cart, known across campus as "The Perfect Blend."

"For some of our special ed kids, getting a job later in life is very difficult," said Tracey Adams, "So front-loading them now at an elementary level. Teaching them appropriate social skills, order and delivery, and following instruction, all of that, I think, will definitely help them later on in life."

Mrs. Adams pitched the idea to her class weeks ago, and the kids were quick to respond.

"I was explaining to them how it will help them later in life, for their job skills. They need to look at an order, be able to fulfill an order, have appropriate eye contact, not slurring their words with their head down or anything like that," Adams added.

How it works: The students send out order forms to teachers and staff across campus. They compile the orders and the accounting crew makes labels. It's a team effort and each student has their own job. Then the kids get busy, filling coffee, tea and hot chocolate orders.

"You put a coffee in there and then you push it in with two fingers and then you push 8,10 or 6 and the coffee will go down," explained 4th grader Pete Sanchez.

Finally, students make the all important delivery. The project was funded by Chevron and the money raised goes right back into buying supplies.
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