Chaffee Zoo and Poison Control educate people on the dangers of rattlesnakes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Chaffee Zoo and California Poison Control worked together to educate people on the dangers of rattlesnakes.

It is National Poison Prevention Week and this is the time of the year what rattlesnakes come out of hibernation. Experts said due to the heavy rains experienced in California last year, this spring has the potential of seeing an increase in rattlesnake activity.

Officials said California residents should be aware and cautious; even newborn rattlesnakes possess dangerous venom.

A snake bite in the wilderness is one of the most feared encounters in the great outdoors. During this briefing, zookeepers and emergency medicine experts teamed up to present a few simple guidelines and first aid measures that can help outdoor enthusiasts stay safe, calm, and healthy on the Central Valley's majestic wilderness trails this spring.
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