Chains required on Highway 41 from Coarsegold northward

OAKHURST, Calif. (KFSN) -- The snow is coming down fast and furious from Coarsegold to Yosemite. There are numerous plows and CHP officers out on the road, making sure families make it home safe.

Mammoth sized snowflakes dropped from the skies above Oakhurst.

"Pretty cool, cold, but it's pretty neat to see for the first time," said Ashley Sanchez.

For non-foothill natives like Sanchez, it was a beautiful experience until slippery roads caused another driver to slam into her passenger side door.

"I was like what the heck just happened. It happened so quick. They were just saying nobody should be driving fast like that," said Sanchez.

It was the same story up and down Highway 41. Cars slipping and sliding so much that the CHP set up chain controls along deadwood pass.

Traffic was backed up at least a quarter mile. As of 10 p.m., Oakhurst CHP reported hundreds of calls for service. That is why Jarred Cordingly says he is always prepared.

"When I'm in a situation when I get stopped, they won't let you without chains. Whether you have the best tires in the world or the best vehicle," said Cordingly.

While this winter storm is the largest of the year. It is far from the worst Oakhurst has seen.

"This is small, it's cute actually," said Katie Punkin.

But drivers and the CHP know any snow can still catch the most experienced off guard. Especially when it has been so dry for so long.

"It's definitely a good reminder to some people who think it's not like this in California, but it is," said Cordingly.
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