Change of plea for man accused of burglarizing Fresno developer's home

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Jacob Flanagan apologized and asked for a second chance at redemption. The judge did not allow audio Friday of what happened inside the court when Flanagan's initial no contest plea was changed.

In March, Developer Terance Frazier and his girlfriend, Fresno City Council President Esmeralda Soria, were awakened by a man opening the door to his bedroom.

"Instead of me trying to grab a gun or something. I just jumped out of bed underwear and all and just took off chasing after him," said Fresno Developer Terance Frazier.

He left to jail a bit bloody. Friday in court he faced the victims a second time.

Soria cried and told the court, "I was sleeping in that morning and was in a deep sleep when I was frantically woken up by the defendant opening the door. I respectfully ask that you carefully consider giving him the maximum sentence."

The judge said based on the new facts in the case he was previously unaware of, he felt a term of four years in prison was more appropriate. That's in the middle of the potential punishments.

Legal Analyst Mark Coleman says it is not uncommon.

"That sounds like what happened in this case. The victims came, gave him information about the daughter's being home, about the family members being terrorized, the assailant had a crowbar," said Coleman.

The four-year offer prompted Flanagan to withdraw his prior plea and instead set a trial date.

Frazier also addressed the court Friday, asking that Flanagan also get the maximum of six years in prison.

"This was a very violent crime. I believe that our lives matter. It will be a disgrace if you give this guy probation.

Fresno County deputies believe Flanagan was high on drugs when he jumped several fences then meandered through Frazier's large backyard before ending up in his master bedroom.

Flanagan will return to court in September.
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