Local mom creates back-to-school routine to help kids feel sense of normalcy

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This back-to-school season is unusual. Many of us are craving a sense of normalcy.

"Children thrive on routine and knowing what to expect. So setting out the expectation and having a routine has made our lives so much better," said food and lifestyle blogger, Shayna Telesmanic.

Like many moms, Shayna Telesmanic finds herself juggling many hats, but the food entrepreneur has focused on a routine for her kids and herself.

They have a consistent bedtime and wake time helps start the day right.

"Our walk in the morning at 8, it's our walk to school. Then we have a set snack time, set lunchtime, afternoon snack time, and dinner time. That way they're not grazing all the time. Because otherwise, you hear I'm hungry 50 million times a day," Telesmanic said.

She makes lunch every day, uses fresh fruits and vegetables, and puts it in a bento box.

Telesmanic says protein and fiber are important to nourish their brains and body.

"I always tell the girl, and they help me too, let's eat the rainbow. So they have to pick something from each color, and they put it in their box, and it's ready to go and grab out of the fridge for lunchtime. For snack, I have a snack drawer. They can have one healthy item and one fun treat," Telesmanic said.

She says having a drawer that is easy to reach or a shelf in the fridge that is accessible means they can grab something while you work or have a video call.

"So if you can plan out your week on maybe Sunday. I like to plan out my dinners. I like to plan out what food we need for lunches or premake a couple, just to make that decision-making process so much easier at the end of the day," Telesmanic said.

She also encourages kids to drink plenty of water and take water breaks throughout the day.

Whether you take time to make lunches ahead of time or just implement a bedtime routine, experts say making changes can go a long way. Give yourself some grace, we are learning together.
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