China Peak begins making snow and hopes for natural snow this week

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Crews at the China Peak Mountain Resort are prepping the mountain and lodges to make sure everything is ready for visitors.

They haven't seen any natural snow yet but started making snow because temperatures were low enough and the conditions just right.

Mark Sullivan, who is the beverage manager, said they want to open on December 1.

"The sooner we can open up the better. We always try to be open the day after Thanksgiving, that Friday. I don't think we are going to make it quite there this year but hopefully the week after," he said.

This week the mountain will get some snow, anywhere from 6 to 15 inches above 7,000 ft.

"Oh we are just ecstatic. It's just so nice when this place is alive with people. It's just super cool, big fun," Sullivan said.

He added they are hoping for at least a foot of snow so they can get a few chairs open.

"We will take anything we can get to supplement the snow making we have going on," he said.

Sullivan explained this year they are going all in with snow making. They even brought in more snow guns.

"We are just going to be super aggressive, as you can see, we are just going for it this year. We are not waiting around. We are going for it and we want everyone to come up here as soon as possible," he explained.

Last season was rough for them because the lack of snow, but they are trying to stay positive.

"I don't even want to talk about last year because that is long gone, that's in the past, we are looking forward to this winter coming up," Sullivan said.

Sullivan mentioned they've already had two hiring events but are still looking for some employees to fill positions.
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