Women-owned bean-to-bar chocolate

ByTammy Nguyen, Christian Todd Localish logo
Friday, February 11, 2022
Women-owned bean-to-bar chocolate
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Since the business started in 2008, Escazu Chocolates has been owned and mostly operated by a team of passionate women.

Raleigh, NC -- Downtown Raleigh's Escazu Chocolates offers an extraordinary experience with its unique bean-to-bar confections, sourcing cacao exclusively from co-owner Danielle Centeno's native Venezuela.

Since the business started in 2008, Escazu has been owned and mostly operated by a team of passionate women, a rare sight within the historically male-dominated realm of chocolate making.

Owners Danielle and Tiana said it has at times been difficult to be "taken seriously," but they are grateful for the incredible community support that has allowed them to grow and continue doing what they love over the years.

As with all businesses, Escazu had to adjust operations during the pandemic but was ultimately able to improve online ordering and shipping options. Now, the delicious chocolates are available in all of North America.

In addition to the chocolate bars and confections that most are familiar with, the shop also offers a variety of seasonal ice cream and hot chocolate flavors, including a more adventurous Historic Menu that allows customers to experience drinks as they would have been enjoyed in the context of each respective culture.

Co-owner Tiana explains that in preparation for "chocolate's special day," the team is tasked with completing about 1.5 months' worth of work in a single week. Despite this, the team is more than happy to play a role in "celebrating love in all its forms."

Owners Tiana Young and Danielle Centeno

Whether you're able to squeeze in an order before the busiest weekend of the year or at another time, a visit to Escazu Chocolates will certainly be one to remember.