Schools implement new policies, procedures for recess

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As students slowly move back to the classrooms, districts are finding ways to make sure our littlest learners still get time outside.

Colored lanyards, added staff and masks are just some of the changes to recess were seeing in 2020.

"Along with that colored lanyard the students have a particular area of colored cones that match with that lanyard," explained Riverview Elementary Principal Josh Darnell. "That's their area for recess and lunch each day."

In Kings Canyon Unified, students are assigned a color.

"For instance, the orange cones you see those students have an orange lanyard and all of their equipment, footballs, basketballs are also orange," added Darnell.

Their colored lanyard determines where they play at recess, what equipment they can use and where they sit at lunch.

"If you see a student with a purple lanyard run through the middle of the orange group you know that student doesn't belong," said Darnell. "So it helps ensure our students stay where they need to."

More staff was hired at Riverview Elementary to help enforce social distancing and additional equipment was purchased.

"It's a little difficult when they want to play games, but we bought additional equipment so that helps spread them out a bit," said Darnell. "In addition, we bought things like sidewalk chalk."

Students are also required to wear face coverings while they play, and if equipment is used by multiple groups of students or colors on the same day, it's cleaned in between groups.

"I think for their social, emotional needs and for those to be met, we really need to ensure they get recess time," added Darnell. "We talked about not getting recess, but it's just not an option for our students they need that time to interact with each other, have a good time, and enjoy school."
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