Thieves spoil Fresno family's Christmas

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno family living near the Tower District will have to go without Christmas gifts this year after someone stole their car with the gifts still inside.

Angelica Cardiel said the night her Honda Accord was stolen. She had just returned from the a hospital emergency room where he daughter is recovering from pneumonia.

She said since the Honda had been stolen before, they typically parked their van right behind it to keep it safe.

But that night she was too exhausted to get it done. She said the car was where she was hiding the gifts from her children and she planned to take them out and wrap them later in the evening

But now the gifts are the last thing on her mind, she'd rather have her car instead. "The car is really, it's a form of transportation for us," Cardiel said. "Something we need, something we use on a daily basis that's really what I can hope for."

Cardiel says the front bumper is falling off and has camouflage duct tape above the gas tank.
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