Worship and prayer event held outside Fresno City Hall

Hundreds gathered in front of Fresno City Hall to worship and pray for the country's recovery in light of the pandemic.

"Without God's intervention, we really can't make things happen," says Tammy Rosenberg.

"Pray for healing in this land from all the division and hatred," says Livia Walker.

While some wore face masks and followed the CDC's guidelines for physical distancing, many others did not.

Local organizers with the Resort Ministries in Clovis provided face coverings for attendees along with a hand washing station and hand sanitizer.

Associate Pastor Dakota Fleming says it was up to attendees to use them.

"We are telling them if they want to choose to worship God, they can do it with their mask on; that is going to be their choice," he said.

The event was also the latest stop on Christian activist and singer Sean Feaucht's five-city tour.

The goal is to urge California lawmakers to allow public worship during the pandemic.

Before this stop, two others were made, including one in Redding.

That one drew criticism for the large amount of people who stood close together and lack of face coverings. In Fresno, some tried to change the narrative.

"I have my mask and I'm covered in the blood of Jesus," Walker said.

"Even if I don't like it, I'm going to abide by the rules and make sure that other people are protected," says Tina Your.

As speakers spread messages of unity, those in attendance hoped to influence change by coming together as one.

"Pray for our country, pray for our leaders and pray against prejudice," Your said.
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