Merced pot business takes over beloved indoor soccer location, sparks outrage

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- The City of Merced recently approved marijuana businesses to operate within the city now outrage is growing because one of the approved locations is a beloved indoor soccer facility.

The city made the decision last month but the property owner signed the application back in April.

The business owner currently in the space had no clue.

The City of Merced is responsible for notifying register "property" owners" within a 300 foot radius of the facility when decisions like this are made.

But business owners who rent those properties are not required to be informed.
The Merced Indoor Sports Center has been home to Fernando Aguilera's soccer league for years. He rents the facility.

Aguilera said he only found out last week, following the Merced Council's decision and still he has not received written notice of when he has to vacate.

The property will soon become a site for growing, manufacturing and distributing marijuana.

According to the City's director of development services the application process for Organic Trichome Incorporated was approved by the planning commission after a background check and a review of security protocol.

They did send notifications to registered property owners around the facility.

"They don't understand the impact the big impact for thousands and thousands of kids, adults that come here," Aguilera said.

The city said they value their relationship with Aguilera and hope to find him a new permanent location.

The property owner told Action News by phone that he too is trying to help the indoor soccer club find a new location.
Aguilera said he wants to find a way to either reverse the decision or at least be heard by the city council.

He's planning a march before Monday's meeting starting on Main Street at 5 p.m.
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