Fresno City College beach volleyball team looks to rack up wins

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The coast may be a few hours away but beach volleyball is actually alive and well in the Valley.

Fresno City College plans to soak up the sun and rack up some wins this season.

Its beach volleyball team is looking to draw a line in the sand against West Valley.

The Stevens family came in from Visalia to watch Alyssa play in the middle court.

"Being out here, it's our first time, Fresno City with their first time out here. They were supposed to last year but COVID hit so that kind of ruined things... It's kind of cool being out here and enjoying the nice weather and seeing the girls play," said David Stevens.

The two-one-two matchups made for typical beach action but this battle played out not near the ocean but at Bicentennial Park in Clovis.

"It provides for a great student experience after three years of competing and implementing beach volleyball. Now we're able to really come together and host our first home match," said FCC Athletic Director Derrick Johnson.

Coach Kieren Roblee is confident her Rams can be just as successful in the sand as they've been on indoor courts.

They certainly enjoyed being out there.

"The ultimate goal would be, obviously with approval from the president of the district, to get a home facility," she said.

For now, the FCC women feel right at home in the middle of a public park.
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