Clovis East choir students use technology to perform spring musical song in perfect harmony

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Schools may be closed, but educators are getting creative to make sure their students stick to the lesson plan.

Through song, choir students at Clovis East remind us even in a time of isolation, we're in this together.

"It kinds sucks feeling like now we have to be on our own but in reality it doesn't have to be and this kinda proves that," says junior Miguel Osegueda.

In a video posted to YouTube, a song reserved for the spring musical was performed in perfect harmony.

In order to create the musical performance, each student recorded themselves singing along with the choreography, showcasing each student's talent and personality.

Props ranged from stuffed animals to the real thing.

Osegueda used a dragon he had bought on a choir trip.

Choir director Carlin Truong, meanwhile, featured his actual dog.

"It was funny because I would also be getting texts from students saying my dog was not behaving in this video so I had to feed him treats the entire time so he'd stay next to me," says Truong.

The video and audio tracks were then combined to make the piece.

Campus may be closed but the lesson plan continues. Truong says he keeps in contact with students through Google Classroom. Their weekly assignments are paired with mental health checks.

"We're still going to try to enrich their lives and make these projects as meaningful as possible. Their mental health and emotional health is my primary concern right now so I've been reaching out to those students," says Truong.

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