Clovis Culinary Center coming soon for aspiring and professional chefs

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Local bakers and cooks will soon have a new tool to help grow their business.

At Kuppa Joy Coffee House in Old Town Clovis, sweet treats are on display for customers who are looking good food to go along with good conversation.

"We love these muffins," Clovis resident Dee Bell exclaimed. "It was very moist, we had to get a second one. There was a lot of blueberries, it was very good."

That tasty muffin and the cronuts were baked by Nutmeg and Thyme business owner Megan Harris, who supplies the shop.

"I really enjoy making food that just tastes good, looks good too, but tastes good," she said.

Harris operates her business at home under the Cottage Food Law, but she has been looking for a larger commercial space to grow.
Her desire will soon become a reality.

The city of Clovis and the Veterans Memorial District are partnering up to create the Clovis Culinary Center at the corner of Veterans Parkway and 3rd Street.

"To do it the right way, you really have to be in a commercial kitchen," Harris said. "So, having a kitchen where I can rent is ideal. It's amazing, and I've always wondered why we didn't have something like that in this city. They have it in larger cities."

Right now, there isn't a commercial kitchen between Bakersfield and Lodi. The 5,000 square foot building will come with professional equipment and also education.

The kitchen will be open to the public, but veterans will also receive special rates and training.

"I hope it creates a bunch of jobs in the food industry, and I hope it's a step toward in making this area recognized as just not a place where a bunch of food grows, but a bunch of food is prepared," Clovis Business Development manager Shawn Miller said.

Once construction begins, the center could be open in a couple of months.
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