Starbucks & gas station being built at new Clovis development

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The once quiet countryside of Clovis is picking up with more traffic along Shaw Avenue, but in the future, it will be bustling with thousands of people living in the Loma Vista development.

"They're finally getting developed out here now that we finally have enough rooftops. It's exciting to see the heart of this community come together," said Clovis planning director, Dwight Kroll.

At Shaw and Leonard, dirt is moving and buildings are going up as a part of the first commercial development.

"It's an AM/PM minimart. There's a restaurant site here, fuel sales, a Starbucks some retail space and probably some space for a specialty grocery store," Kroll said.

The plans for Loma Vista are massive and stretch three miles on Shaw from Locan to McCall.

About 30,000 people are expected to live in the development once it's completed.

It will have homes, businesses, and places to gather.

"But now we're getting to the urban center, which is a little bit higher density. It will have a village green in it, very much like a Spanish presidio or east coast village green that will be the focal point that will be the focal point of Loma Vista," Kroll said.

The village green is being designed and work will begin in 2021

A fire station will also be built.

"We just don't want to build a new community, we want to build a community where people want to live 50-100 years from now," Kroll said.

Future work will be done to turn Shaw into a six-lane roadway. The community is to be connected through pedestrian trails and a drive through a tunnel.

Measure C grants will help pay for the change and land is being acquired.

The improvement will begin in 2021.

Loma Vista development continues to grow. As for this commercial development at Shaw and Leonard it's expected to be completed in spring 2020.
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