Clovis Police look to combat crime with help of Ring doorbell cameras

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Clovis Police Department is hoping to combat crime with the help of doorbell cameras.

The department recently announced an agreement with Ring that will allow detectives access to review footage for crime investigations. The idea is to increase safety, not surveillance

"Now in this partnership we can reach out to them and they, in turn, can reach out to their users if there's an event in the area that we think those Ring cameras could've captured," said department spokesperson Shannon Giffith.

The partnership does not allow for investigators to review anyone's footage or live feed without their approval. Homeowners are in no way obligated to volunteer their security video.

"They will act on our behalf and reach out to their consumers and ask if they would like to submit video. They just don't go grab video thinking that it might be the area. They actually reach out to the person and they can respond and share the video with Ring if they want to and Ring in turn will share it with us," Giffith said.

Ring users already have the option of uploading footage to a Ring app called Neighbors. More than 400 law enforcement agencies nationwide have already joined forces with Ring.

Clovis Police will now be able post important safety information and updates there.

"Communication is key and information is key. And the more information we can get as a police department better serves us and the community and crime prevention and solving crimes," Griffith said.

Just this week privacy groups asked Ring to end is partnership with law enforcement agencies, citing the agreement allows police access to video footage without a warrant.

The company responded by saying the goal is to help make neighborhoods safer.
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