Pet grooming salons in Clovis can now open from Monday

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The city of Clovis is allowing a few select businesses to reopen.

Starting Monday, pet groomers within the city limits can open their doors once more.

Elite Pet Salon in Clovis has been sitting empty for the last month, but Sunday will be the last time it looks like this for a while.

"I'm working pretty much continuously for the next month," says owner Vanessa Rogers.

Rogers says she's completely booked for Monday and almost all of May.

To keep up with demand, she'll need to work up to 6 days a week.

She's ready for the rush and has implemented new measures to keep her customers and their pets safe.

"Nobody will be coming into the salon, and I staggered the appointments. That way, nobody will be here at the same time," says Rogers.

On Friday, the city of Clovis deemed pet grooming services essential.

Community and economic development director Andy Haussler says they worked hand in hand with the state and county to allow these businesses to reopen.

"It is important to take care of animals and be able to take care of them well. It is an obligation for humans when we take a pet into our homes and ensuring their health is important," says Haussler.

Rogers says pets could face health risks if they're not groomed, including matting of their fur.

"If you don't get the nails trimmed properly, it could cause arthritis in the toes. If you don't bathe them properly, it can cause hotspots."

Just like humans, the CDC reports cats and dogs can contract and spread COVID-19.

Last week, two cats in New York tested positive for the virus.

Health officials say these are the first confirmed cases, but add the chance of animal-to-human spread is low.

Rogers says she's not worried.

"I sanitize everything in the salon, I've always done that after each pet."

The last month has been stressful for Rogers. Without income, the single mother of three feared she would lose her business.

She now hopes other cities will allow pet groomers to operate.

In Clovis, Haussler says they don't expect any other business to reopen at the moment, although they continue to work closely with the state.

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