Clovis police hunting for suspects after 20 car break-ins reported in four days

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis Police said 20 car break-ins have been reported in just a few days. The alarming number now has the department warning people about leaving this in their cars.

Most of the burglaries are happening in commercial areas, only six of them have taken place in residential neighborhoods. Security cameras and lights did not stop thieves in Clovis from breaking into not one, not two but 20 cars in just four days.

The first one happened last Thursday in a neighborhood on Browning Avenue. A day later thieves targeted a Clovis car dealership and broke into several vehicles and took off with brand new radios.

Then Sunday, thieves did three smash-and-grabs at the GB3 parking lot off Herndon Avenue. It's unsettling news for Wes Kimbler who works out there frequently.

"It's a little surprising for this part of town," he said. "I've been coming to this gym for over a year now about and I haven't had any issues or really seen anything."

"It only takes these subjects seconds to break into a car," Sgt. Keith Sparrow with the Clovis Police Department said.

Sparrow said having nearly two dozen car burglaries in less than a week is a lot for the city of Clovis, especially since it only averages about 70 a year. He said making yourself less of a target is key to not becoming a victim to thievery.

"Purses, electronics, wallets - people leave their wallets in there," Sparrow said. "Anything that's visible, people will take the opportunity if they can see it."

Sparrow also said hiding things before getting to your location would deter thieves staking out from eyeing in on your possessions.

"They see people putting wallets under your seat, your purses behind your seat," he explained. "They watch for those things so just be subtle about things and if you have to lock it in your trunk."

And while you do that, Clovis Police said they are going to have extra patrols out, specifically during the holiday season that's just weeks away.
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