Clovis Unified launches dashboard for families to track COVID cases in district

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A snapshot of coronavirus cases among Clovis Unified students and staff -- now accessible on the district's website.

It's a real-time breakdown of the positive COVID-19 cases reported to the school district.

"The dashboard is set up to provide a quick at a glance overview for parents but if they want to drill down onto any given school site or a building of the district, you can also do that," says Kelly Avants.

The district's case count for the month of February is zero, according to the new COVID-19 dashboard.

That's compared to 104 district-wide positive cases in January, and 181 in December.

This will be the district's new method of communication to parents about COVID cases on their child's campus.

The data is broken down to positive cases in students and in staff.

"While we will still be doing our close contact notifications, we won't be doing this district-wide or site-wide notification in the event of a positive case," Avants said. "Instead, that dashboard is available."

District officials say there are currently about 11,000 kids receiving in-person instruction with approximately 11,000 others still waiting to return to campus.

Interim Fresno County Health Officer Dr. Rais Vohra says school districts are required to communicate with the health department about COVID-19 cases, but the dashboard allows for even more transparency

"The schools have really leaned into making sure that they can keep kids, teachers and staff as safe as possible," he said.

Middle schools and high schools have yet to return to in-person learning That's expected to be discussed at Wednesday's 6:30 board meeting.

As of now, there's no date set for when in-person learning will resume for those students.
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