Clovis Unified teacher explains new routines of distance learning

One sixth-grade teacher says her day to day instruction has completely changed.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Amid COVID-19 and distance learning, work is anything but normal for our educators.

Multidirectional microphones and Zoom classes are daily tools for Mrs. Toews.

"We chose to do a simultaneous learning model, so I'm teaching both live bodies and kids on Zoom at the same time," said Liberty Elementary teacher Chelsea Toews.

Resources just a year ago that she didn't have to use in the classroom.

"I will give instruction to the class. Everyone is able to see what I'm doing," explained Toews. "Zoom kids are watching from home, and the live bodies can see what I'm doing on the board."

The sixth-grade teacher says for her day to day instruction has completely changed.

"We have a system set up where everyone can hear everybody," said Toews. "I have a multidirectional mic in the middle of my classroom so the students in the class can speak and the kids at home can hear them, so it really feels like we're all in the same room."

Mornings start with temperature checks, with half of her students in person and the other half working from home. The next day the groups of students will switch. It's a process that took some adjustment.

"It was absolutely overwhelming," said Toews. "I didn't feel super successful at first, and it took some trial and error."

Classes wrap up at 1:40, giving teachers time to work with students one on one as needed.

"You know how you talk about people being naturals, they just have those instincts that's her as an educator," said Liberty Elementary Principal Geroge Petersen. "She just is a natural. She has instincts."
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