Clovis Unified High School students participate in an 'eye-opening' experience

Clovis Unified High School students participated in an eye-opening experience on Thursday.

About 40 Students were blindfolded and told they would be eating completely in the dark.

"It was part of the pun eye-opening because they understood how much of our world is eye-opening," said April Pair a Visually Impaired Teacher.

The real-life learning experience was inspired by 9th grader Heaven Vallejos who hasn't let her blindness stop her from participating in school activities like drama and cross country.

"I used to spill a lot of things when I was younger. It was interesting to see some of them do it," said Vallejos.

Students say it was a challenge trying to eat a lunch of pasta, salad, bread and ice water in total darkness.

But an experience that gave them a better understanding of what Heaven and others go through on a daily basis

"I definitely learned more about how to use your sense of touch and your hearing because people were giving us directions. It helped me a little bit even though I ended up using my hands a couple of times to grab food," said 9th grader Aidan Anken.

After the hour-long lunch, the lights were flipped back on and blindfolds were removed, allowing students the opportunity to discuss what they learned.

"Maybe others will see this story and within their group of friends or family might attempt something like this just to create an awareness. I think that's the beauty of a project like this," said Drama teacher Joel Abels.

The school says they will attempt to do more of these type of projects in the future.
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