A new school year full of new possibilities for Clovis Unified students

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new school year full of new possibilities for Clovis Unified students.

"Make the most of every moment because it really does go by fast, I feel like just yesterday I was coming to my first day of school," said Buchanan High School senior, Kylie Kerney.

At Buchanan High School some of those new opportunities start in the kitchen, their new kitchen classroom.

"We retrofitted everything and gutted the classroom and turned it into more of a commercial-grade or restaurant quality class," said Assistant Superintendent of Facility Services Denver Stairs

For senior Kendall Oliver, the new space is helping him pursue his dream job of becoming a baker and someday running his own business.

"I thought it was really cool, to see all the new equipment, to see the big upgrade this year compared to last year," said Oliver.

Fort Washington High School also has a new student kitchen. The classes held in these new spaces are part of a Career Technology Education pathway. This year the district has 18 and more are on the way.

"We have recently secured five grants, so we will be building production and managerial arts facility at Buchanan and another horticulture facility at Clovis East," said Clovis Unified superintendent Eimear O'Farrell.

When it comes to safety a new layer of security has been added district-wide. With 43,000 students returning to class, the Raptor security system is making sure no unwanted visitors make their way onto campus. Piloted in the spring, the system takes an ID or license and performs a background check. If someone is a risk, access is denied.

"We are able to receive information that would allow us to add that feature of safety so that our students and our staff are secure at all times," said Associate Superintendent of Human Resources Barry Jajer.

On the road, the district is asking drivers to look out for pedestrians and construction zones. Currently, Willow near Clovis North High School is undergoing a widening project, this means longer wait times and alternate routes. It's advised that commuters give themselves plenty of extra travel time.
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