Clovis student uses 3D printer to make visors for healthcare workers

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Clovis Unified student is using his extra time at home to give back to our healthcare workers.

After Reyburn Intermediate closed their doors, eighth-grader Bryce Stover quickly came up with a way he could use one of his favorite hobbies to make a difference.

"I saw there were videos of people making these visors because medical gear is running low in hospitals," Stover said, "so we reached out to St. Agnes and asked them if they could use the visors."

Using his 3D printer he got to work making visors for local healthcare workers at St. Agnes.

"It makes me happy because I like making a difference," Stover said. "I just want to thank the medical providers that are still working, trying to get all this over with. They're really helping out."

Each mask takes about an hour to make. He's donated 50 visors already and has another 40 ready to go.

"They're saying they're really grateful and they're helping out there," said Stover, "because they're running low on stuff."

"He just took it upon himself," said leadership teacher Kaitlin Kruser. "It wasn't something that came from the school. We didn't send out a list of ideas that said, 'hey if you guys could do one of these that would be great.' It completely came one-hundred percent from his heart."

Bryce and his family have paid for the supplies so far and tell us the school is stepping in to help with the funding. He says he has no plans to stop making the masks anytime soon.
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