Hundreds volunteer to help host annual Memorial Day event in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Since 1946, the Clovis Veterans Memorial District has been hosting its annual Memorial Day event to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Each year, hundreds of people with dozens of organizations volunteer their time, setting up activities, booths and a luncheon.

"It was something that the community asked for to welcome our World War II heroes coming back home. And once it was established it has always played a part in the community by providing a space for our veterans and serving our community by providing facilities or facilitating conversations," said Lorenzo Rios, the CEO of Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

In addition to conversations, there are documentaries and the Garden of Honor, a tribute to Clovis veterans who gave their lives serving the U.S. from World War I to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vietnam veteran Joe Hernandez is one of the organizers who volunteers each year. He's thankful for the growing number of people helping out or just stopping by to say thank you.

"I have gratitude about being a veteran. It has been a long time and I really do appreciate the people for coming out and enjoying this day with us," said Hernandez.

The Clovis Veterans Memorial District says that is the goal each year with this event - getting the community involved to honor and pay respect those who have served.

"Here we celebrate everything that is right with our community. We don't wish away the things that we can do better, we identify them and we actively work to address them but as a community, we celebrate the blessings that we have in this great nation," said Rios.
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