City OKs additional card rooms for Club One Casino

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Club One Casino is getting more card rooms at its new Granite Park location in northeast Fresno.

But the approval was not without some contentious comments from one council member regarding the wait time for the decision.

The Fresno City Council gave Club One the green light to add an additional 20 card rooms, bringing the total to 51.

City leaders say the casino met the requirements and requests made over the last 90 days.

That time was also used to address concerns from people who live in the area.

The delay drew criticism from Councilmember Garry Bredefeld.

But Tyler Maxwell, who represents that area, says that time was needed.

"I think you've been treated horrendously, atrociously, I suspect that no other business person that comes before this council gets treated like you did." Bredefeld said.

"I'm finding a lot in this job that there really is a sweet spot between business interest and community interest, sometimes while working together, we're often able to find that sweet spot, and the city really does come out on top," Maxwell said.

The casino says it will be expanding to accommodate the new tables.

Officials say there are around 170 people currently working for Club One, but that number could increase.

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