Classmates help two students learn to talk and listen after getting Cochlear Implants

There was plenty of holiday spirit at Birney Elementary School in Central Fresno Thursday.

Students in the school's deaf and hard of hearing program are learning to listen and talk.

And Educators say music plays a big role in teaching language to all young children but especially those with hearing impairments.

Thursday also marked the start of an exciting journey for two classmates and friends in the program.

"Just about a month ago two of our students received their cochlear implants within one week of each other. So we're going to have these two students basically growing up together learning to listen and speak," said Fresno Unified Audiologist Laurie Smith.

A Cochlear implant is different from a hearing aid.

The device gives a person with severe or profound hearing loss more access to speech information.

And you may have noticed one of the teacher's wearing a microphone.

The sound from that mic streams wirelessly to the children's implants and hearing aids.
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