Fresno Rescue Mission holds "College Signing Day" for Recovery Program Participants

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Over the years we've seen lots of "College Signing Days" as talented youngsters head off to play college sports, or to Ivy League schools.

The "College Day Signing" ceremony at the Fresno Rescue Mission Friday morning had a very different feel, but still a monumental leap for 29 men.

All had to overcome addictions and put in months of hard work at the mission.

Now, they're enrolling in classes at Fresno City College.

It's a day most of them, like Tomas Herevia, could never have imagined.

"It feels like I accomplished something -- I didn't come here with an idea that I was going to accomplish anything," says Tomas.

One year ago, he was addicted to drugs and had been living on the streets for months when his brother picked him up and dropped him off at the Fresno Mission.

Tomas says, "I just wanted to break my addiction. I didn't want to be a drug addict anymore. I didn't want to be a man without hope and today, I am a man with hope. It has given me my future, man."

Fresno Mission CEO, Matthew Dildine, says events like these help keep the men on the right path.

"What is just so awesome is seeing people that are in such forms of crisis that are so broken and when you start changing their view of their lives, there is so much that can happen out of it," says Matthew.

The Fresno Rescue Mission will continue to support its participants through their college journey.

The mission plans to continue its college signing day for many years to come, celebrating every accomplishment on the journey of sobriety.

For information on how you can support the Mission, head to their website here.
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