Colorado man hit and killed while crossing street in Downtown Visalia

VISALIA, Calif. -- The crash happened at 6 am Thursday, on Acequia Avenue, near Church Street.

Visalia Police say the victim was crossing the street, outside of a crosswalk, to move his car.

But before he could make it to the other side, he was hit by a truck.

The man, identified as 78-year-old Hugh Phillips, later died at Kaweah Delta Medical Center.

Police say Phillips is from Colorado, and had checked into the Comfort Suites.

Paul Outfleet had just dropped off his wife at a seminar when he saw the scene.

He took some pictures from a parking garage.

Outfleet says too many people cross the street in Downtown Visalia without looking, or they don't use the crosswalks.

"Unfortunately, I see it all day...that people cross from the garages or anywhere here and as you can see there's either way 30 feet away there's a crosswalk but all day long people crossing here to save the 30 feet," Outfleet said.

"We encourage the pedestrians and drivers both especially in downtown areas regardless of day or night to watch out for each other," said Visalia Police Sgt. Mark Feller.

Police say drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash.

The driver stopped and has been cooperative in the investigation.