104th annual Clovis Rodeo wraps up

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The roar of the Sunday crowd was something out a garth brooks song. The 104th annual Clovis Rodeo wrapped up another successful event.

"We've created an atmosphere quality animals $300,000 purse to get those cowboys here and then we work hard to keep the tickets reasonable," said Rodeo Director Chuck Rigsbee.

Whether they were mutton busting or bull riding, the show of athleticism did not cease to amaze.

The jaw-dropping performances drew more than 45,000 fans to the stands.

That is not including the more than 5,700 that tuned in to the rodeos first ever live stream on the wrangler network.

"We're one of the top rodeos in California and we're one of the top 10 to 25 in the U.S. This is an event that the top cowboys want to come to," said Rigsbee.

The action was not exclusive to the arena floor--8,400 pounds of tri-tip was served.

That is not the only place rodeo fans were spending money. The City of Clovis forecasts the economic impact surpasses $12 million.

"Lots of people lots of drinks to be made the family crowd the single crowd everyone's here to have a good time," said Bartender Amanda Smith.

Bobby Salazar's bartenders Amanda and Breeana say this and Big Hat Days are their two busiest weekends.

"A lot of people come from other places they stay in hotels out here and experience the bar and restaurant and have a lot of fun," said Bartender Breeana Alvarado.

Local on profits including the boy scouts and break the barriers also feel the love.

The rodeo donates 250,000 back to the community.

That is not including the almost 700 pints of blood at the start of the weekend. Organizers describe the event as a 12-month labor of love.

The Clovis Rodeo will start talking 2019 as soon as Tuesday.

"What we did well what we need to improve and what we can do to make it better for Clovis," said Rigsbee.
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