A small town delivered a big win for the Central Valley

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Strathmore is a town of 2,800 people, a couple packing houses, and just this one traffic light taken over Saturday by slow-moving cars and pedestrians.

Almost the entire town lined Avenue 196 from the light to Strathmore High School to pay tribute to a team now forever etched in memories and geographies.

Coach Jeromy Blackwell says the entire city has worked years for this success, creating a Pop Warner program to build the high school team.

In 2016, the Spartans came close to the promised land, losing the state championship by one point to ruin an otherwise perfect year.

And that could've ended their run.

"Opportunity doesn't come all the time. Opportunities are unfriendly. Opportunities aren't nice. Opportunities are what they are," explained Coach Blackwell.

But a year after the heartbreaking loss, the football team from a citrus town ran past Orange to win it all and cap an undefeated season, putting their town on the map.

So they rolled into town as guests of honor this weekend, carrying trophies and the pride of an entire community right into their own stadium for one last rally.

Coach Blackwell and the players earned their permanent place in history and on t-shirts, and for the town's 2,800 fans, the big win is like a sweet gift from Santa.
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