A valley native is bringing Christmas to an island ruined by hurricanes this summer

Hurricane Irma decimated the island of Barbuda more than two months ago, damaging 95 percent of the buildings there.

As the eye of the storm passed over the tiny island, a valley native decided to extend her wedding anniversary trip to the Caribbean to help out.

Bonnie Floyd helped them all evacuate to neighboring Antigua, made sure they had food, water, and shelter, and then went home.

Floyd said, "I was home just a few days and I just thought 'what about Christmas? What are they going to do for Christmas?'"

Bonnie knows the island well.

It is where her parents were murdered in 1994, and where she has talked about her Christian faith ever since.

And her faith led her right back to the island.

Like a mall Santa Claus, she looked every child in the face as 312 kids gave their Christmas wish lists.

And now, back in Fresno, she is trying to fulfill them all.

"We had requests for diapers. We just added a gift because no one gets to get diapers for Christmas," said Floyd.

In this big Fresno County garage, she has gathered as many of the gifts as she could so far -- from giant pants for a seven-foot-tall teenager, to Leap Top computers for growing toddlers.

"This one is one of my favorites. This is an 8-year-old boy and his name is Michael and Michael is special. And he's special to me too. And he's special to me too. And he doesn't speak and he likes soft things and he always plays with my hair."

She has also gathered a team of volunteers -- reindeer if you will -- helping to make the deliveries.

Several pallets are ready to go to Miami and then Antigua, where the families of Barbuda will probably be stuck in shelters for another year.

Bonnie says she briefly questioned the high quality of the gifts, but the uncertainty did not last long.

"The Lord reminded me that every toy they ever owned, every piece of clothing, and literally the roof over their heads, Irma took from them."

Bonnie Floyd Ministries works year-round to help the kids of Barbuda, and she still needs Christmas sponsors for about 100 kids.

You can go to Bonnie Floyd's website if you are interested in being one of her elves.
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