Central California Food Bank hosts emergency food giveaway for federal workers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A long line greeted volunteers at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in central Fresno.

Several federal employees were among those who came to pick up food. They may have returned to work, but they're still waiting for a paycheck so every bit helps.

Maria and John say the past month has been very difficult.

"The uncertainty for me I think is the most difficult part of it. You have no idea what to plan for," said James.

Not all of those who came out for the food giveaway were federal employees but no one was turned away.

The Central California Food Bank sought to reach out to those having trouble putting food on the table.

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"Even though the shutdown is temporarily over, the impact of the shutdown is still continuing for a lot of families especially here in the Valley," said program supervisor Maria Ayala.

Workers were surprised to see how much food was available and they're glad to be working again.

IRS employees Terrie Laney-Brown and Francesca Delgado even came to pick up food for friends who either had to work or couldn't make it.

"A month is long enough with no pay and the stress was starting to build," Laney-Brown said. "Some don't have transportation today. They don't have gas to get here today."

The federal employees were very grateful for this generous gesture.

"It makes me feel like our community's coming together to help all of us," Delgado said.

The IRS workers say they're glad to be back at work, especially with so many people ready to file their tax returns.

Other federal workers said they are glad to be back on the job but they still worry political leaders won't be able to reach a compromise to keep the government open.
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