Clovis Community College looks to raise money for scholarship funds with one day event

Many students at Clovis Community College rely on scholarships to get through the school year.

Student Trustee Damon Rapada said, "As a student here, I know these scholarships can make a difference in and out of the classroom."

So the college is taking part in a 24-hour online day of giving campaign.

"Today is a global day of giving Tuesday where a lot of non-profits pick this specific day to reach out to the community. So we thought we would be part of that... We picked the online route because that makes it easy for people where ever they are to go on with just a click of a button to our website," said Rapada.

This is helping students reach their dreams whether that's to get their AA degree or move onto a four-year college.

"As a recipient of financial aid and other programs such as this, I know that these can really change a student's life and this campaign is a huge importance to not only begin this pathway, to give more opportunities but helping students really succeed," said Rapada.

Tuesday's goal-- $5,000, which they have already surpassed. That led to State Center Community College Foundation board member Gus Bonner and his wife matching the funds, donating an additional $5,000.

"It means absolutely everything," said Rapada. "I speak to students all the time. I know there are a lot of students here struggling and I know that any dollar amount any student at all."

You can follow their campaign on social media. They are using the hashtag Clovis Crush Giving Day.

If you would like to donate click here.
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