Clovis Martial Arts Academy moves to bigger and better location

Students at Guido's Martial Arts Academy in Clovis now have even more space to train in. Just three weeks ago they moved into a bigger and better location, but they didn't move too far from their old spot. Their new dojo is right next door and Mike Guido Mater instructor said it feels like home.

"The shock when they came in was, wow, this place is beautiful, it's absolutely beautiful," he said.

Guido said before, people would constantly complain about the dojos size, It was too crowded.

"When the kids came in and the parents came in we had a very small entrance," he said. "It looked like they were tight roping as they were walking through to get tot he back."

They now have enough space for a shop, bleachers for parents a locker room for students and an added bonus, a coffee bar.

"We wanted to make a martial arts school that didn't feel like a sweaty gym," said Guido.

At Guido's they train children as young as 3-years-old in their Lil' Ninjas Class and people as old as 60 in Adult Karate. At the moment they serve about 225 kids. Mike said when it comes to children they teach them more than just self-defense, they learn character and values.

"It teaches them life skills that they will take with them for the rest of their lives to be successful in life," said Guido. "Our mission here is to empower the people of our community by living their best life through martial arts training."

They now have enough room to expand their offerings. Their newest class mixes self-defense and fitness.

If someone is unsure about committing, they can always take a free class. To learn more click the link https://
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