Big crowds expected on Clovis Rodeo Day 2

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The streets of Old Town Clovis were calm Friday morning but it will definitely be busy Friday night when crowds roll in for night two of the Clovis Rodeo.

The Clovis Police Department reported only a hand of incidents on opening night Thursday involving fights and people drinking too much.

"So we are trying to prevent people from drinking and driving and we are stopping them and keeping everyone safe when we can," said Kenneth Wells of the Clovis Police Department. "A lot of our fights and problems we have in and out of the rodeo grounds is because of alcohol consumption."

In addition to Alcohol Beverage Control Officers working undercover, Clovis Police will have 20 to 30 officers inside and outside the Rodeo Grounds throughout the entire weekend.

Meanwhile, at the Rodeo Grounds, preparations were underway for Friday night's bare and bull-back riding.

"It is not something you jump on and say I'm ready to go. It is a lot of practice and nowadays they are just like any other professional athletes. They have to work out, stay in shape and prepare for anything they get on," said Ron Dunbar of the Clovis Rodeo Association.

Keeping the riders safe and healthy is no easy task. That's why each year the Clovis Rodeo works with Justin Pro Sports Medicine Team.

Friday they were educating Valley high school students about this important partnership.

"So we have different hospitals that support our program and orthopedic groups that do it," said Rick Foster of Justin Pro Sports Medicine Team. "We have local trainers from Fresno State and Sierra Orthopedic Group and they are here to treat the athletes along with us."
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