Clovis trying to make travel exciting through trolley rental

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is hard to miss the Clovis Old Town Trolley when it's on the road. It is bright red and green colors make it a standout. Driver Kenneth Lee says It is a sight to see.

"They get a big smile on their face like I have and ill reach over and hit the old gong and you'll hear it and they begin to wave," he said.

On the weekends it makes stops around town, but it is also available for rentals. Transit supervisor Bethany Berube said the city does not make very much money from it, instead, they use it as a way to elevate experiences.

"It is used for the wineries, for the weddings. it was just recently used for the father-daughter dance at Dry Creek," she said. "It is useful for all kinds of events."

The trolley in use is the newest and only one in their fleet. It recently made its debut a few months ago. Inside, the bus has wooden benches and an antique feel. There is enough space for up to 25 passengers. Lee said it adds a little bit of magic into peoples' travel.

"When we first put it on the route, we got passengers turning down the other buses, saying I am going to wait for the trolley to come through," he said.

The trolley can be rented for $125 dollars an hour. To book it, you can call the city or go online and fill out an application. The general public can also catch a ride Saturdays, on the trolley's pickup route.
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