Downtown Fresno's art collection along the soon to be re-opened Fulton Street is in place

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On the Inyo side of Fulton Street, the dust is starting to clear -- soon the road will be open to traffic and the art that lines both sides will be fully restored.

Andrea Morse says this piece needed some work.

"It was writing, all white writing over here and there was gum."

She is on the historic preservation and conservation team, hired by Fresno to clean up the sculptures and fountains.

"I love it, it looks great, just hope the city can maintain it."

It will be a big collection to maintain. The entire stretch of Fulton has 32 pieces and most of them did not have to move far -- but one had to be carefully relocated a few blocks from its original location, a sculpture known as dancing waters, created by Stan Bitters.

"It's outstanding if they were able to pull that off, I thought it was going to be a herculean task to not crack the cement."

He cut ties with the city because those concerns.

"I'm unaware if there is a computer that was originally there that made the lights interact with the water that shot up and down."

"The water coming out of the fountain will operate the way it did back in 1964."

Randall Morrison is the project manager. He says, like the rest of the collection -- the only major change is the look.

"So did a really good cleaning on them - gave them a protective coating, the color was brought back to its original condition."

All this work did not come cheap the city spent $6 million.
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