Early start for Blossom Trail due to unseasonably warm and dry winter

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The orchard just outside of Sanger is showing little signs that blossom season is about to grow at full speed over the next few weeks.

This year's crop is expected to bloom in mid-February and last for about three weeks as long as Mother Nature continues to provide spring-like temperatures.

"Some years we have a great bloom but then we will have a weather event that will knock the blooms off because they are in a very fragile state in the blooming. So we really rely on Mother Nature and sometimes she gives and sometimes she takes away," said Fresno County Tourism Manager Kristi Johnson.

Friday morning leaders from across Fresno County gathered to celebrate the blossom trail's 30th anniversary.

The talk of our unseasonably warm and dry winter was on the mind of many but the conditions will allow the blossom trail to start a few weeks early this year.

It will also allow pollination from bees to start early on a variety of fruit trees.

"One fact that a lot of folks don't know during that almond bloom somewhere in the neighborhood of about 90 percent of the nation's bees are here in our backyard, here in the San Joaquin Valley of California. So it is an incredible demand for bees within a short period," said Ryan Jacobsen.

The Fresno County Office of Tourism was able to work with several organizations for new signs to guide visitors along the blossom trail.

Several cities along the trail rely on visitors not just from the Valley but from around the world to stop by to eat or shop.

"And so the economic impact to the Sangers, the Selma's, and the Fowlers of the world is massive. This trail just brings in tons of people that are looking obviously not just for the blossoms but looking for the small community char that goes with it," said Jacobsen.

For more information on the Blossom Trail visit blossomtrail.com
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