Entire stretch of Fulton Street in downtown Fresno will open two way traffic, days away from opening

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The work on Fulton Street in downtown Fresno is happening under a tight deadline. A section between Fresno and Tulare remains fenced off--making the transformation, almost complete.

"It's almost there. It's almost there," said Dora Leblanc.

Leblanc has witnessed the changes since day one and she takes frequent walks through the construction.

"It's a long time coming so sad to see the mall gone but you know. We need the change."

John Collard feels the same way but this is the first time, he has stepped foot on Fulton in a year.

"None of this was finished, we could stand on the outside, looking in but it was for six blocks -- to see all this complete is amazing," said Collard.

American paving actually poured the final 50 feet of concrete on this day, closer to Fresno Street.

After this, the final pieces of artwork will be uncovered and more parking meters will be installed. Landscapers will also move in to give Fulton a tint of green.

"They are hectic, trying to finish everything up, multiple crews doing multiple things at the same time." said Val Huerta.

Huerta a superintendent with American Paving is one of many who has dedicated a year and a half to this project.

He says there will likely be some last minute touch-ups -- before opening day. He is confident -- the temporary fences will be down and the street will be ready to go.

"It'll happen no matter -- no matter what, it'll be done."
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