Final preparations for Grizzly Fest

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Just hours before the kick off to Grizzly Fest, lighting technicians were at work on stage testing out the equipment on Thursday night.

The story was the same earlier in the day as crews performed sound checks.

Neighbor Suren Ovanisyan lives less than a mile away from Woodward Park. He says his wife and two kids could hardly hear the noise.

"I was wondering if we were going to hear it here, but it seems like they are just playing the music and I didn't hear anything," said Ovanisyan.

Organizer Aren Hekimian tells Action News the work to get everything in place has been non-stop.

"This isn't for the fainthearted, so to get to this level sun up to sun down you just keep working to make sure everything is done right," Hekimian said.

While artists put finishing touches on some of the festival's artwork, vendors like Daniel Campbell from Grandpa's Popcorn and Sweets scoped out their spots.

"I'm just trying to be as prepared as I can for tomorrow morning to come out here get set up and stay out of everyone's way and do my thing," Campbell said.

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With 8,000 - 10,000 people expected to show up Friday and Saturday, the City of Fresno is encouraging people to use alternative transportation to reduce the amount of traffic up and down the Friant corridor.

"The FAX bus shuttle that runs from Manchester Center all the way to the corner of Friant and Audubon," said Mark Standriff, director of communications and public affairs for the city. "We've also got shuttles running from Fresno State and from Tioga Sequoia Brewery downtown, and there are Uber and Lyft drivers and 1,500 of them are on standby for this weekend.

The organizer for Grizzly Fest says there will be about 160 to 180 security personnel on the grounds and near surrounding neighborhoods.

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