Fresno Teachers Association partners with Tower Blendz to bring books to kids

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno Teachers Association is partnering with Tower Blendz to promote quality education outside of the classroom.

The association donated $500 worth of new children's books to the juice shop for their weekly event, Reading Circle, which invites kids to the eatery to read, learning new words and concepts.

Officials with the teaching association say they are always looking for ways to promote quality education inside and outside of the classroom.

"Our goal is to positively transform public education and we know, as I said, a collective list so if there's ever an opportunity we could support those who are doing and supporting quality education outside of the classroom, we know it's going to impact our classrooms positively and we want to make sure we do that work," said FTA president Manuel Bonilla.

Altogether 60 new books were donated to Tower Blendz. The shop expects to be able to expand their reading event to other areas and communities in the future.

The owner says he expects 15 new Reading Circle locations by the end of next year.
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