High school students focused on preserving Downtown Fresno's Water Tower

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The three-story water tower in Downtown Fresno has stood its ground for more one hundred years.

"The water tower is so iconic and a lot of people don't understand what a water tower is or why our water tower looks the way it does or how unique our water tower really is," said Alisha Xiong.

Xiong is the manager of the iconic landmark, which is filled with brick walls and history.

Many are surprised to find it also serves as a gift shop with locally made goods, a gallery with local art and a visitor's center.

"As they come in they kind of go, Oh wow I was expecting a shop, but I wasn't expecting this kind of shop inside," said Xiong.

Xiong says she does not want the landmark to be a hidden gem, but a place that is budding with people.

The water tower is now being exposed to a new generation. Students at Patino High School are actually developing a marketing plan to bring more people to its doors.

Patino High instructor Jason Cooksey tasked students to work with local business to develop a website and marketing plan.

Kmyliegh Harris says she wants more people to know about the center.

"Awareness because there's not a lot of advertisement for them so there needs to be more and that's what we're working on," said Harris.

Students are working together in this group to help work on the website and also find ways to inform the entire community.

"It's like a bigger than me so I feel like I'm making a difference," said Cassidy Howard.

The students are meeting with Xiong throughout the process. They say it has been neat to get real hands-on experience with a piece of Fresno.

"I think for our younger generation to come in and experience and learn that history is a great thing," said Xiong.
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