Kingsburg cracking down on code to restore historic buildings

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Swedish Mill in Kingsburg has stood dormant for years, the parking lot empty and the windmill motionless.

"We would get a lot for calls for service, specifically related to transient occupancy because the building was exposed to the elements, Broken windows, no doors in certain places," said Alex Henderson, Kingsburg City Manager.

Now there are new signs of life at the building which sits next to Highway 99. Two months ago it was repainted, new roofing was installed, along with new windows.

"There is a lot of history that comes with this piece of property, and we want to see it restored to prominence once again," said Henderson.

Henderson said the Swedish Mill felt neglected, it is an issue the city faces with other empty buildings as well. Things needed to change, so they started to crack down by strengthening their abatement laws.

"We started a process essentially of contacting the property owner and asking for certain code enforcement things to be taken care of," he said.

Patti Nyberg is a lifelong Kingsburg resident. She used to work at the Mill years ago.

"That was a good experience, a good way to start off a career of learning how to work around other people," said Nyberg.

Henderson said the Swedish Mill still has a long ways to go. The parking lot is in need of repairs, and they still need to bring the inside up to code. They are hoping once it all said and done, they can get a new restaurant to move in.
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