Legacy of Cesar Chavez helping low income families

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Michelle Cisneros is pretty proud of her afterschool program and she showed it off for visitors Saturday.

The program gives parents a few free hours of childcare after classes let out, and gives the kids a bit of a boost in the classroom.

"I'll help them out with their homework. They'll help each other out with their homework," said Cesar Chavez Foundation Jannet Castillo.

"We know that it's tough. Many people are struggling and sometimes people have to work two or three jobs and you have immigrant families and families that haven't been so fortunate and their kids need help with their homework," said Cesar Chavez Foundation Paul Chavez.

The Cesar Chavez Foundation foots the bill for the program inside its Villa Martinez affordable housing apartment complex.

They just did a $2 million renovation on the 106 units--giving them a fresh coat of paint, new appliances, and new carpet.

About a year later, they celebrated the grand opening.

The property changed its name to honor Gabriel Martinez, a lifelong farm worker who worked on the Delano grape strike in the 1960's, alongside Cesar Chavez.

Paul Chavez says to this day, the foundation named for his dad is helping farmworkers, and not only in the fields.

"At the end of a long hard days' work they go home to a whole different set of problems," said Chavez.

Affordable housing and a little extra education, like they provide at Villa Martinez, can go a long way to easing their problems.
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