Madera church unveils new mosaic after being destroyed

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- St. Joachim Catholic Church in Madera is finally whole again.
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Father John Warburton himself is still in awe at the sight before him -- a wall of tiles, intricately pieced together -- a towering mosaic of a saint, whom the church bears its name.

"He's significant not only for the church but for the whole Valley."

The parishioners here have lived absent of such beauty and grace for more than a year -- when wild winds shattered the original artwork to pieces.

Insurance finally approved reconstruction this summer. The church hoped everything would be in place for Christmas.

"Very much so, it's like a blessing, a great blessing, like a gift."

The old and the new art pieces are nearly identical. Artists say this new mosaic is more life-like and much sturdier.

For so long the barren wall has sat empty. Now, it's once again adorned with beauty, ready to inspire.
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