Madera County celebrates 125th anniversary

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- In the heart of Madera, at the Madera County Park, a new tree is being planted honoring the counties past and embracing its future.

The Ray Burn Ash Tree is celebrating the counties 125th anniversary.

Madera County Courthouse Restoration Committee Chair Gail McIntyre said, "That's a pretty good stretch of time, yes it is."

McIntyre said the tree is the beginning of a restoration project. After the drought about 50 damaged trees had to be removed.

"Some of these trees are showing their age, and we need to work to integrate new trees with the old trees and continue to maintain the park-like atmosphere."

More trees will be added to the park, joining many historical monuments like the B52 monument, put in by group E Clampus Vitas.

John "JJ" Skeen, E Clampus Vitas member, said, "A B52 crashed not too far from here, with seven crew members on board."

Skeen is part of the organization dedicated to preserving Madera Counties history.

"It is pretty much the central heartbeat of the agriculture, the Ag that is in Madera County is mind-boggling."

Madera County is continuing their celebration through art campaigns, a play, and by creating an anniversary float.
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